Dogs in Cars

A few months ago, I told my aunt if I ever did a photo book it would be one called, Dogs in Cars. I think I found the cover photo yesterday! This car was parked near the back of the Museum of Fine Arts. As I was getting closer to the car I kept saying, “is that a dog, no wait, it’s a person, no, it’s a dog.” While I was taking the photo another person walked up and said “what a cool shot” and pulled out her phone to take a picture. When I crossed the street another dog, same kind as the one in the photo but with black fur, popped up from the back seat. I guess they were out for a joy ride.

I mentioned a photo book about dogs. I just love how happy dogs seem to be when they are riding in a car. Although, it would be hard to take pictures for a book because the cars are always moving. If I could just get them parked like this or at a red light I could get some really good shots.

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  1. great shot! we have hundreds of pics of Finn–either sleeping or sitting in the car!

  2. Sandy, I’ll have to come down and take a photo of Finn in the car so he can make it into my book :-).

  3. what a great shot 🙂

  4. Thanks Shirley. I just love coming across these fun, unexpected shots.

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