My sister-in-law’s grandmother passed away a couple weeks ago. Yesterday they held the memorial service for her. Her name was Dorothy Gibson and she lived to be 99 years old! To me she will always be known as, Nan. A loving, caring, beautiful person, who also became my grandmother.

The top photo is Nan with one of her granddaughters and the bottom photo is her with Maya as a kitten. Nan loved her family and cats! It was sad when she moved into the assisted living place and she couldn’t have a cat. Once I got Maya I would take her on my visits to see Nan. Nan loved that Maya visited and Maya was so calm with Nan.

I’m glad Nan lived a long life so I was able to have her in my life and my nephews were able to know their great grandmother. She will be missed.

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  1. I’m sorry for your loss, Jamie. Maya looks like she’s kneading–I used to love it when my cats did that. She looks so totally comfy and happy on Nan’s lap. There is nothing like Pet Therapy!

  2. Thank you, Sandy. Maya is very skittish around people but when I would put her in Nan’s lap she would always stay and let Nan hold her. Yes, Pet Therapy is wonderful!

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