A friend asked if I would be willing to go with her on a photo shoot to take senior photos of one of her friend’s son. I was happy to go along and bring my new camera and 100-400mm lens. When we showed up at Black Rock in Cohasset there were already two other people getting their senior photos taken. One person was very professional as they had a giant diffuser to block the harshness of the sun. Instead I said we just needed to shoot about a 1/2 hour before sunset and we would have good light. As you can see in the first two photos we had very nice golden light. The third photo was after the sun had gone down so it was more blue.

These were just a few shots I took. Mostly, I was holding the reflector card to add some light to one side of his face. I’m sure her pictures came out really well. He’ll have some good shots to choose from for his year book.