Thirsty Bird

After the hummingbirds seemed to get used to me and the camera (see yesterday’s post), I moved down closer to them (as seen in the first two shots). This hummingbird was really thirsty as he sat on the feeder for at least 5 minutes. Which was great for me to be able to get my focus.

I then went inside the porch and thought I’d try shooting through the screen door since it got me even closer to the feeder. You can see in the third shot that I have a closer shot but it’s not as sharp because of the screen. The last shot is very out of focus and I put it in because this is the shot I really wish I could have captured (the one that got away). I love how the hummingbird looks as if it is saying “ta da!” or “I want to sing.” 

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  1. shirley

    These are wonderful. So glad you got to play with hummingbirds 🙂

  2. We got a hummingbird feeder but so far no hummingbirds. . . hopefully next year!

  3. I hope you do get them next year. They are so entertaining to watch.

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