Birthday Bear

On Saturday, I went to a 4th birthday/1st year adoption party for my friend’s son. He is adorable, funny, smart, and yes, fresh at times, but it’s truly amazing how much he has developed in one year. He came over from Russia and barely spoke Russian let alone any English. Now he’s a chatter bug (takes after his mom 🙂 and like every little boy, he’s very curious and into everything. It’s been wonderful to see his progress over the year and he will just grow and flourish more and more every year (great job to his mom and dad).

This big brown bear was one of his birthday gifts. As you can see, the bear is as big as he is! I just loved how relaxed and happy the bear looked.

Happy Birthday, R!

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  1. Thanks Jamie. You made me cry as I read this. Somedays I feel I am not doing a good job as a parent, but I guess when you step back and put it into perspective I guess we are.
    Love ya,

  2. Your welcome Lis. All you can do as a parent is keep trying and do the best you can. As much as the child is learning, you are also learning. Yes, you will make mistakes along the way, and yes, most everyone will have an opinion on how you should raise your kid (myself included, but I try to keep my mouth shut because I can’t even keep my cat in line). You can tell you are doing a good job because he is a happy little boy and he really has thrived over the past year.
    If I was asked my advice 🙂 I would say try to treat him like a second child. It seems every parent says they worry about the first kid and try to make everything perfect and by the second kid they are like, “oh, he’s eating dirt, yeah, he’ll be fine.” Basically, relax and enjoy the ride!

  3. It would have been more appropriate if I had said, “Just Grin and Bear It!”

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