Flower Boots

We had a lot of rain this spring and so far the summer is also starting off rainy. I’ve been trying hard to keep the plants on my balcony going strong but it hasn’t been easy. With the rain has also been humidity and that has seemed to suck the life out of the flowers. I have been pretty good about watering them daily (or every other day). It’s been more work than I thought to keep them looking good. But when they do look good this is what they look like and I really like it! 

While my LL Bean boots are in perfectly good shape (however they are over 10 years old) they hurt my feet. I decided they would get more use as a planter and I enjoy them much more this way.

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  1. Love ’em!

  2. Thanks, Mom. You need to come up and see the balcony and the new Whole Foods (after July 10th).

  3. Great picture Jamie. You should send a copy to LL Bean.

  4. Melissa

    Nice way to re-purpose your boots! Super cute!

  5. Maybe LL Bean would give me a new pair of boots that are more comfortable 🙂

  6. shirley

    Love it!

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