On Sunday, Mom, Dad, and I went over to check on the progress of the cygnets. They were off the nest strolling with mom and dad swan. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good shot of the babies as they were behind their parents. I wanted to walk down the side dirt road to get a better angle but there were a bunch of no trespassing signs. I just found out from my aunt that you can walk down this road and that there is a little bridge you can walk on (town owned) and I would have been able to get the swans. Apparently, the guy living across from this pond didn’t want people walking so near his house. Next time I’m walking down the road (even if the swans aren’t over there).

We were shocked to see this red winged black bird attacking the swan. My guess is that the swan is a little too close to the bird’s own nest. The bird kept head butting the swan. Eventually, it just got fed up and sat close by waiting for the swans to leave. 

In the second image if you look really close you can see a couple of the cygnets (mostly just their fluff).