After taking pictures of the swans I had to look up some information online since I know virtually nothing about swans. These are Mute Swans (apparently, they are less vocal than other swans) that were introduced to North America from England/Asia. I also discovered baby swans are called cygnets, although I like “baby swan” better.

What predators do cygnets and swans have? New born cygnets are manily loast to crows, herons, magpies, turtles, pike and large perch. Both cygnets and full-grown swans are also the prey of foxes and mink. Checkout this website if you want to see more Q&A about swans.

In this photo you can see just a couple of turtles. Well, let me just say that these cygnets may be in BIG trouble when they are born as there were TONS of turtles in the pond. In the bottom photo you can see three turtles on the left and one on the right of the nest, patiently waiting. I sure hope they don’t get all the baby swans!