Look Who’s Two!!

Tomorrow, Maya turns 2 years old. She still has a lot of kitten in her. She loves to play, she can’t get enough pampering (belly rubs, back massage, etc.) and as everyone tells me she’s pretty darn spoiled. I’d definitely trade places with her.

The only thing I would wish for her is that she wasn’t so skittish around other people. My youngest nephew has been staying with me for the week. Maya is still not sure what to think of him. She’s very curious about the “other person” in the livingroom. She will go out and just stare at him but she won’t let him pat her. I wish others could see how loving and playful she is and I wish Maya could enjoy other people.

Other folks may see her as a scared kitty, but she’s actually very bossy and runs this place. This morning she was determined to have me up early to play and would not stop bothering me. I finally gave in and got out of bed at 4:30am just so we could play with the flying bird (I did mention she was spoiled 🙂

Happy Birthday, Maya!

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  1. Happy Birthday, pretty Maya!

  2. shirley

    Happy Birthday Maya! Wow, 2 years old! xoxo

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