I mentioned in yesterday’s photo how the geese got so close to me I even had to backup a little. 

The nice thing is I got a good close up of one of the geese.

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  1. Geese are pretty intense. Once we were at a park full of geese and I guess it must have been nesting time. The geese were very aggressive about keeping us away from them–not sure if it was baby goslings, eggs or what but they really scared me! Glad to hear yours were friendly. Or were they just hungry?

  2. Sandy, I’ve pretty much had the same experience. I’ve gotten a little too close trying to take photos of goslings and the parents hissed at me and other times I’ve had the goslings come right up to me and start trying to chew on my camera strap, with the parents doing nothing. I guess it depends on the geese or circumstances.

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