I returned home from Florida on Wednesday night and stayed at my aunt and uncle’s house (they were watching Maya). Thursday morning, Maya and I went home. I ran to the store to buy some food and then the storm hit on Friday morning. Until today, I hadn’t left the house since Thursday afternoon. Maya was very happy to have me home and snowbound.

I was one of the very lucky ones to have power throughout the storm. Most of my family lost it Friday night and didn’t get it back until Sunday. Some people are still out of power. It get’s cold when you have no heat! I hope they get it back by today.

As a kid I remember the blizzard of 1978. Back then there was no internet so you couldn’t find out how others were doing. It was interesting to be able to keep track of friends and family through their facebook postings even though they had no power. I’m glad they now call a state of emergency before the storm hits so people can get home and off the road before the weather gets really bad. My dad was one of the folks in the blizzard of 1978 who had to sleep in his car overnight because he was stuck on the highway. Then the next morning he walked to a hotel and stayed there until my uncle was able to get him.