Last year, I was lucky enough to get a shot of a snowy owl. I had to ride out to Saquish, crawl on the ground in the cold winter weather to get close enough to get a shot of the owl. A couple of weeks ago I got this shot of an owl simply by showing up at work. An owl just happen to perch herself outside the office window. Since I could only get a shot of her back from the window I went outside and got a shot of her from the front. Such a beautiful creature. If was fun to see everyone stopping in front of the tree and pulling out their camera phone. 

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  1. that’s amazing. owl’s are usually so hard to see, though. I wonder why this one is out in plain sight. once Mike caught sight of one in the trees and it took me forever to find it. The dog couldn’t even see it!

  2. Melissa

    Just beautiful.

  3. shirley

    Gorgeous. Owls were my paternal grandmother’s favorite creature. I really like them, too.

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