“In 1896, Watson H. Willet and his son, Arthur, built the Brockton Store. They ran the store for about 30 years, along with a second store in Monponsett, called the Boston Store that Arthur Willet ran during the summers. There is no record as to the reason why the Brockton Store was named, but it is speculated that because the Willet family lived in Brockton before moving to Halifax, they named the store to remind them of home. It is one of two original remaining storefront buildings left in town today.” Resource: WickedLocal.com

Today, the Brockton store is a museum. You can read more about the restoration of the store in this article. If you click here you can see an old photo of what the store looked like back in the late 1900s.

The light in the left hand corner is through the woods to where the old School House and Blacksmith Shop are located. They also have luminaries lighting a path through the woods to get to them.