Fenway Holiday: Christmas Tree

A very cute Red Sox/ baseball themed tree. I’ve yet to setup my tree at home. Not sure what Maya will do to it while I’m at work. Instead I may take all my Peanuts ornaments and display them on a shelf.

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  1. Finn doesn’t seem to mind anything on the xmas tree but the cats really liked to knock stuff around. They’d only take stuff from the bottom of the tree so we just put the fragile stuff up higher. I wonder why they didn’t wreck the whole tree. . .
    By the way, I’ve been enjoying this series of pics, even though I’m a fan of the evil empire.

  2. Hi Sandy, I’m thinking Maya would go for the stuff at the top but maybe I’ll test it out.
    Glad you are enjoying the photos and I’ll forgive you for going to the dark side 🙂

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