Wall Art

It only took 9 years but I finally printed some of my photos and hung them on the wall! A couple of times this wall was used to project a movie onto it but other than that it was basically just a big white wall. It really needed something to liven it up. I finally decided to try Groupon. They had a 70% off sale on a 16×20 canvas print. I liked the result so much that I found another Groupon offer that enabled you to purchase two 16×20 canvas prints.

Mom and Dad came up yesterday and helped me stick them to the wall. The wall is concrete so I couldn’t hammer a nail into it. It really does make a huge difference. Even Maya was very interested in the pictures. I would still like to purchase a couple of smaller canvas prints so I can put one above the photo on the left and one below the photo on the right. I just need to find another Groupon deal.

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  1. Looks great – and I’ve got 2 of those same pictures hanging in my office.

  2. Very Nice! I love that Maya was checking them out, too 🙂

  3. Yup, Maya jumped right up on the table and was checking them out.
    Jack, nice to know you have some of my photos in your office. I knew you had the Boston pano image since I had it made on canvas for you but didn’t realize you had a couple others.

  4. Next step – art gallery!

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