Happy Halloween to All. I’m hoping to have some control today and not eat too much candy 🙂  Thankfully, we don’t have Trick or Treaters at my apartment place so I don’t have bags of candy in the house. They do have a party for the kids at the Club House each year. The past few years they’ve asked me to take photos of the kids which is fun to get to see them all dressed up.

This shot is from a few weeks ago when my Mom, aunt, cousins and I went on the Ghosts & Legends Lantern Tour in Plymouth. The tour is a walk through the Burial Hill cemetery (some of the Pilgrims are buried here). It was a nice tour and had some interesting history. Not very scary, which was good (except my cousin’s youngest was a little on edge) but then again I was walking with a group of people. I don’t think I’d want to walk through the cemetery at night alone. Especially, with one of these lanterns as they give off no light at all. Pretty but not very useful. I got a nice bruise on my ankle tripping over a marker.