Triathlon: Spectator

Out of all the images I took of swimmers, bikers and runners, this was my favorite image of the triathlon. This dog saw me and started walking towards me. I kneeled down and snapped the photo. I think it was pure luck that she came out in perfect focus. I honestly didn’t do anything to this photo other than tweak the brightness/contrast levels. One of the few times I get everything just right in the camera.

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  1. She’s a beauty.

  2. Thanks Mom. She was such a sweety. She leaned right up against my leg and was so happy to be patted. Her owner told me she had just turned a year old. She’s very lovable.

  3. Lisa McGrath

    Great pic Jamie! She looks like such a sweetie. I bet her owner would love this picture.

  4. Thanks Lisa. Once I saw the picture on my camera screen I ran back and showed the owner and told her I could email it to her. She was very happy with the photo.

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