Cupcake Charlies

Twice I’ve gone to Cupcake Charlie’s in Plymouth with my friend and both times I have passed on buying a cupcake. They look awesome and I’m afraid if I try one there will be no going back!! I was very tempted to try one of the frosting shots (with the chocolate chips). But then I had had an ice cream for lunch so it probably wouldn’t have been smart to follow it with a frosting shot. 

I could never work at this place. As soon as you open the door and walk in you are inundated with the smell of chocolate baking. When I lived in Florida I had worked at the bakery in Publix for a few months. I’m pretty sure I gained a few extra pounds in those months. Better to just visit or better yet keeping on walking by.

This reminded me of my trash bags…which sounds kind of strange. I bought kitchen trash bags that say they have odor control. What they failed to mention is that the odor smells like chocolate. Now that doesn’t sound bad but I typically change the trash in the morning and it really doesn’t help to be craving chocolate at 6am. Now I really want some CHOCOLATE!

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  1. In regards to those cupcakes… you only live once. You should stop in and have one some day – and then take a nice long walk around Plymouth to work off the calories.
    As I recently heard… everything in moderation – except moderation.

  2. If I hadn’t had an ice cream for lunch that day I probably would have tried a cupcake. I just thought it might put me into a sugar coma!

  3. shirley

    Trash bags that smell like chocolate…now I think I’ve heard it all!

  4. I know, chocolate smelling trash bags! Or maybe they just smell like chocolate to me. You think they’d advertise them as chocolate smelling.

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