Welcome Home

A good friend of mine adopted a little boy from Russia (I’ll call him “R”). They welcomed him home to the family just a few weeks ago. He is adorable and so very smart! My mom and I met up with my friend and her son last weekend in Plymouth. We ate outside at Lobster Hut, took a walk through Plymouth waterfront and over to Brewster Garden. As we walked under the bridge I showed R how to yell “hello” so you could hear the echo. He thought it was funny and started yelling it himself. I’m amazed that in only 2 weeks he could already speak more than a handful of english words.

Having lived in an orphange he didn’t get to travel outside much so he was fascinated with everything he saw around him. He really enjoyed the ducks. When it was time to head back we stopped at Ziggy’s and got an ice cream. It was R’s first adventure to the ice cream store. He of course loved it! It was such a great day and I can’t wait to play with him again. I’m so very happy that R and his parents found each other and are finally a family!

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  1. What a great story Jamie – thanks for sharing it with us.
    That top photo reminds me of Josh when he was that age.

  2. Thanks, Jack. You’re right, that top photo does look like a Josh kind of photo. R is going to love American food!!

  3. adorable! I am sure you’ll have many chances to photography all that cuteness!

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