New Jersey: Dove

While we were inside playing, the upstairs neighbor knocked on the door to see if we’d like to see a dove and her babies. It’s pretty amazing the babies didn’t fall through the holes on the fire escape. These babies are getting pretty big. I’m not sure how the mother can even sit on them. They probably don’t want to leave since they have food readily available.

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  1. shirley

    You got a great shot. Can’t believe this is through a screen! Lovely.

  2. I forgot I shot it through a screen. It’s funny how if you get really close to the screen the camera can blur it out.

  3. I watched them grow from hatchlings , incubation period for dove eggs is 2 weeks, then 2 weeks to flying off.
    It was amazing and beautiful to watch them .
    Thanks Shirley for this pic, we were never able to get one so clear, this is a incredible photo .

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