Rockefeller Center Garden

After we got back to Shirley’s mom’s apartment we were all pretty beat. However, one of the boys had a gift card to Lego’s and really wanted to head down to Rockefeller Center to buy something. While my feet wanted to stay put the rest of me wanted to see everything I could of New York in that one day. I had been to Rockefeller Center many, many, years ago (probably at least 25 years ago). The last time I had been there was in late fall so it was really nice to see it during the summer. The flowers were so pretty and I really liked this little bird sitting on one of the statues.

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  1. shirley

    I don’t even recognize the place! I love the photo of the sparrow 🙂

  2. This place was right next to the back entrance of the Lego Store.

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