Flat Tire

On the not so positive side, I got a flat tire on Saturday. To make it even worse I forgot my phone at home (and I never forget to bring my phone with me). To add to the excitement there was a storming brewing in the background. On the positive side, I happened to get the flat in a parking lot so I wasn’t stranded on the highway. Plus, I managed to change the tire about 15 minutes before the rain, thunder and lightning rolled in.

While I made a mess of myself, I was able to change the tire without any real problems. It did take some time to get the lug nuts off, they were on pretty tight. I only had one person stop to ask if they could help. It happened to be at the very end when I was just finishing putting the flat tire on the back of the car. But, it was nice that they offered to help.

Happy Birthday to my brother Chris (getting closer and closer to the big 5-0!)

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  1. christopher

    was the spare on the back of your crv? i haven’t changed a tire in years; glad my dad taught me how.

  2. Yes, the spare was on the back of the CRV. I also like that it is a full size spare. I hadn’t changed a tire myself in many, many, years so I pulled out the manual. I was mostly concerned with where you had to jack up the car.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Sis. I’m glad you didn’t have a scene similiar to “A Christmas Story” where the lug nuts go flying and Ralphie says “Oh f – – -!”

  4. Your welcome, Chris. Guess you are having a good summer if this is the first time you are seeing the blog post from June 25th!
    Thankfully, I didn’t have any Christmas Story mishaps 🙂

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