On Friday, a friend and I went for a photo walk in Plymouth. At first the weather was overcast, which is good for taking closeup shots but not landscape pictures. However, the sky soon cleared and we had beautiful weather. Our first stop was the Jenny Grist Mill…mostly because you can park there for free but also because we knew there would be ducks and swans. This swan was great. She paddled right over to the bridge we were standing on and proceeded to take a bath.

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  1. shirley

    Jamie, this is stunning! I love the contrasting (and very richly saturated) colors of the water and the swan. And I love the details of the feathers bunching up around the beak. Wow. Fantastic!

  2. Beautiful

  3. Thanks, I’m glad this photo grabbed your eye. For some reason most of my shots came out blurry that day (guess I had shakey hands). Thankfully, this one came out sharp.

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