Boston Gas Tank from Chappel Rock

From Chappel Rock I had a good view of the Boston Gas Tank (actually located in Dorchester). This is a very well know landmark in Boston and one I pass by daily on my commute to work. However, I don’t usually see it from this side, where it doesn’t have Ho Chi Minh’s face.

From Wikipedia:
Since the 1970s, the Rainbow Swash has been controversial. The mural was criticized as featuring a profile of Vietnamese Leader Ho Chi Minh’s face in its blue stripe.  Kent (the artist) was a peace activist and some believe she was protesting the Vietnam War, but Kent herself always denied embedding such a profile. In 1992, the original rainbow-painted LNG tank was torn down and the Rainbow Swash was recreated on the adjacent tank despite objections from veterans groups.  However, the blue stripe is less pronounced in the 1992 reproduction.

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  1. shirley

    I love seeing the gas tank any chance I get since we moved away!

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