Moswetuset Hummock Park: Nest

As you can see someone is making good use of this nest. Looks like they have a pretty nice view from where they are sitting. 

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  1. That’s great! Are they ospreys? There’s a Nature Conservancy place on Shelter Island (between the forks at the end of Long Island) that has a lot of those kinds of platforms so that ospreys can nest. They also made these shelters for peepers/photographers to hide so the birds feel safer. We got to see some chicks that way once.

  2. I honestly don’t know what type of bird/nest it is but now that you say osprey you may be right.
    There is a park not far from me that also has the shelters for peepers/photographers…I only saw ducks and geese when I was in the shelter 🙂

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