USS Constitution

Wednesday night I was meeting a friend for dinner who’s work is located in the Navy Yard. I was a little early and walked around the area. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the USS Constitution. There were a few tourists but it was pretty quiet. I’m sure it will be crowded in another month or so. It’s kind of funny and amazing to think that people save up for a vacation to come to Boston (and Plymouth) because of the history here. I guess I’m pretty lucky to have all this around me…I really need to take advantage of it more.

I hope everyone is having a very lucky Friday the 13th!

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  1. I always think I’m lucky to live in NYC so I never have to come here as a tourist! One summer we did a “discover NYC” summer because we didn’t have money to go away for vacation and we went to a bunch of national historic sites rite in Manhattan. It was pretty cool (or totally nerdy).

  2. I think “discover NYC” is a cool idea (not nerdy). I go on photo walks to discover new locations in my area.

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