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It’s obvious from this photo that I need to do a little office organizing! It just shows you that a lot of work is being done here 🙂  Actually, since I leave for vacation tomorrow there has been a lot of work being done. It’s been hectic trying to get everything done before leaving and will be crazy when I get back but it will be worth it to spend a week in Florida.

While you may think two people work in this office it’s actually just me. I’m very fortunate to have my own office but with talk of space shortages it probably won’t last. Anyway, as you can see I have two workstations. The one on the left is a PC and the one on the right is a Mac.  The Mac side is mostly for audio/video production and graphics. It’s a beautiful 30″ monitor that I love for editing video (and everything else). The PC side is mostly for Microsoft Office type stuff, email, checking researching Facebook, etc. I’m not a fan of Microsoft Office on the Mac so I usually create scientific posters for faculty on the PC. 

That’s pretty much where I do my work. What you can’s see is that behind me is another Mac editing station. I use to have a production assistant but she was promoted and so now it’s just me. I use her workstation to mostly compress video files for the web. There is also another room attached to my office that is the Production Lab. This has three computers, a copystand (camera mounted to take photos of images), duplication machine and a laminator. This space is for me to show students if they have been assigned multimedia projects and also used for faculty to record voice-over PowerPoints and when needed as a studio to record faculty lectures.

That’s a little glimpse into my work world.

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  1. I loved seeing your office! It’s nice and spacious! I now have a visual to go with “Jamie at work” 🙂

  2. Yes, it is very spacious. Glad you like it.

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