Snowy Owl

This is my best shot of the day of the Snowy Owl. I cropped the image so it’s a little closer than I actually was with the camera. However, I did get about 100 feet or so from the owl. My lens is only a 55-250mm lens so I was quite happy with my results. Greg had a 500mm lens on his camera so I’m sure his images are much closer. You can see a shot of a Snowy Owl that Greg captured on his blog. This wasn’t the same Snowy Owl that we captured on Sunday and I’m not even sure if it was one that he saw on Duxbury Beach or not. Greg had gone over the tips on how to approach a Snowy Owl with us before we went out in the van so I already knew to be quiet, keep low and be patient in order to get close to the owl. I think I follwed the directions well as we were able to get fairly close and besides getting a photo I was just very happy to be able to see a Snowy Owl. They are absolutely beautiful!

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  1. He is beautiful. Nice shot. I hope he’s still there next summer.

  2. great shot

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