Yesterday I attended a MeetUp with the Plymouth Photography Group. Only 12 people were allowed to sign up as we were going to be getting a tour with Mass Audubon to look for Snowy Owls on Duxbury Beach. In the first shot you can see Greg (on the left, one of our leaders) point out where the Snowy Owl was sitting. Unfortunately, he/she was across the creek and pretty far away. In the second shot if you look dead center you should see a small white spot between two poles. That is pretty much what we could see. The last shot I took from inside the van and you can make out the Snowy Owl a little better.

We were only allowed on the Duxbury side of the beach and this Snowy Owl was on the Saquish side. Mass Audubon did not have permission to drive on the Saquish side so we could only stand on this side and look across. Some other photographers were there with their huge lenses and they still said the Snowy Owl was too far away. We hopped back into the van and tried a few other spots on Duxbury Beach but we were unsuccessful in finding any other owls.