Occupy Boston: Tent City

People are very creative in getting their message out there. I found it so interesting that they wrote on their tent that I took a picture of it. I’m guessing other people stop and read it also. I mentioned the other day that we had had a couple of warmer days which I’m sure the people sleeping in tents appreciated. However, now it’s starting to cool down again. I’m not sure how long they plan to Occupy Boston but I’d wimp out as soon as the weather got cold…I’m definitely a fair-weathered friend!

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  1. Really enjoying the Occupy images Jamie. I think it is important to document these images as the US is changing and the fact that these folks are standing strong in a time where other people just want to be led around like sheep… I don’t know if I totally agree with all of their actions, but I agree that this level of civil unrest will lead to some type of change. Thanks for the JetEye view on Occupy Boston!

  2. Thanks Steffen. I’m with you on whether or not I agree with all their actions. But I do give them credit for their perseverance. Like I said, I’d wimp out as soon as it got cold.

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