Just down the street from me they are building what they call “a classic New England community with a twist.” Instead of telling you what it’s all about, I recommend you check out their website. I also recommend clicking on the “watch movie” button and seeing a short animation of what it will look like when completed. While in the movie they say SouthField is only a 30 minute drive from Boston, this is really only true late at night or on a Sunday morning. During rush hour traffic it takes over an hour! However, if you take the commuter rail it is only 30 minutes from South Weymouth to South Station.

They have had 2 open houses since they started building. The first was back in June and the last one was at the end of September. You can see my before and after photos from the open houses. I really liked the slate blue house (model home) and wish I could afford it (only about $500,000). I like the idea of a community development but I’m not sure how much I would like it if I looked out my window and could see into my neighbors home. Then again, I can always keep the shades down 🙂

The first section they have started to build is called The Highlands. You can see it here on the Southfield Master Plan map.