Photo Walk: Tractor

For some reason I took a lot of shots of this big tractor. I tried different angles and a variety of close ups of the different parts. Not sure if it was the yellow color on all the brown, or the mud or what, but something about it caught my eye.

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  1. There is definitely something arresting about this subject. Is this shot processed at all? There is an almost print/painting like quality to it. I dig it.

  2. Glad you dig it 🙂
    I added a filter called “Detail” to it. I knew when I took this shot I would be adding the filter. It can add a gritty look to things and I knew with the mud, sand and rust it would work well with this shot.

  3. I wondered if you had processed it…that I couldn’t quite tell is the best. That’s when a filter is really working, I think.

  4. I like this filter because it doesn’t really change the image it just brings out more of the detail. My eye can see the grittiness of the dirt and rust while the camera doesn’t quite capture it all. Or it may be that my lens isn’t the best and so the sharpness is a bit soft and adding this filter brings out what my eye could see.

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