High Tide: Back Road

My cousin was visiting from California and wanted to go out to Saquish for the day. I expected it to be cool at the beach in late September but we had the most gorgeous, perfect day! It was in the mid 70s with a beautiful blue, sunny sky. It was also a very high tide. Here you can see my uncle and cousin-in-law walking down the back road! As a kid, we loved when we had these really high tides. We would take the rubber rafts and float down the road.

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  1. Melissa

    What a wonderful day it was! Thanks for taking the time off… it was really great catching up and seeing everyone!

  2. Great photos! It was great to see Saquish for the first time on such an amazing day. Thanks for the “Cuz in Law” shot!

  3. I’m really glad you got to visit Saquish. I can’t believe how great the weather was for late September. Next time you’ll have to stay long enough to be able to see the front beach at low tide!

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