King Richard’s Faire: Tiger Cubs

We’ll come back to the people of King Richard’s Faire later. Let’s move on to my favorite part…the tiger cubs! Oh my goodness, I could have just watched these 3 four-month old cubs play all day. Actually, I did spend most of my day watching them. They are so beautiful, playful and lively. They played a lot like my kitty, Maya. They chased each other, chased their tales and did lots of rolling around on the ground. 

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  1. I want one! So cute! Why were there tigers at the King Richard’s Faire, though?

  2. They have a TIGER show as part of the entertainment. Mostly, they are raising awareness and asking for donations for tiger research. The tigers don’t really do anything in the show. They bring them out and talk about their coloring, how it is used for camouflage, and other facts. Basically, educational stuff.

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