I haven’t been out taking photos lately so I had to look back in my files for some images for this week. This shot is of Major John Bradford’s Homestead. In the summer they put on a breakfast and my parents had it on their bucket list to go someday. So, back around the end of July we picked a Sunday and had breakfast outside and then took a tour of the house and the garden.

I had a hard time finding any information that really explained the history of this home. I finally found a website with this blurb on it:

“Built ca. 1714 by Major John Bradford, grandson of Pilgrim Governor, William Bradford. Overlooking the Jones River in the then North Precinct of Plymouth, the house served as the Bradford homestead for 62 years. Enlarged and rebuilt in 1750 into the center-entrance saltbox seen today, it was lived in continuously until it was purchased by the Jones River Village Club, predecessor of today’s Historical Society, in 1921.”