Clark’s Island: Pulpit Rock

Once we arrived at Clark’s Island we took a walk through the woods and came out to this big rock. That’s Uncle John in front of the rock. Situated in Plymouth Bay, Clark’s Island was where the first exploring party from the Mayflower washed ashore in 1620.

“The group, including William Bradford, Myles Standish and William Brewster, had been sent out to determine a satisfactory spot for settlement while the Mayflower was anchored off the tip of Cape Cod. A storm forced them to take shelter on Clark’s Island. On the morning of the next day, a Sunday, they walked to the top of the island, where stands an enormous glacial boulder.”

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  1. shirley

    Love the first shot. Beautiful. And that is one impressively large rock!

  2. Melissa

    Interesting. What a cool thing to go to Clark’s Island. And look how cute Uncle John is!

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