It’s All In The Details Pt 2: Zen Meditation

We leave for Maine today. Just left the kitten at the vet’s for boarding while I’m away. Feeling a bit guilty about her being cooped up but I’m sure they’ll take good care of her and she’ll be safe, as she’s still only a kitten (just over 4 months). Also, feeling guilty that I could use the break. She’s a wonderful kitten but the 4am wake up calls are starting to take there toll on me. While I’d like to just roll over and go back to sleep she is vey vocal about wanting attention. So vocal I’m afraid neighbors in the other apartments can hear her. Of course I’m going to miss her terribly. Here’s hoping for some Zen Meditation.

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  1. shirley

    Have a great time! And don’t feel guilty. All us mommies need breaks…regularly! Sandy and Mike’s cats *loved* boarding at their vet’s. Hopefully, Maya will, too 🙂

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