Mom and I tried to go out to Saquish on Saturday but Mother Nature was against us. A thunderstorm rolled through at mid-morning and we waited it out. Then we hopped into the car figuring by the time we got to the beach it would have already blown by.  Well, we didn’t get more than 5 minutes away when we started to get torrential rain. We pulled over to call my aunt to check the weather at the beach and it began to hail on us! We decided to not go to the beach and head to the mall. On the way to the mall the rain got worse and the roads were quickly filling with water. So, we headed back to the house as the wind started to pick up. Thankfully, we made it home safely and then went to the mall an hour later. 

I found out later that 3 houses were hit by lightning in the next town and a mini-tornado went through one of the local towns! Crazy weather. Hopefully, I can get out to the beach next weekend. 

This photo is from the 4th of July. My cousins cooling off in the ocean. And when I say cooling off I really mean cooling Off as the water was freezing that day!