Last week I showed images from my photography Meetup group where our assignment was to shoot images focusing on negative space. The next Meetup I went to was on macro photography. I really like macro photography. Well, I should say I really like it when I have a macro lens. I borrowed a 60mm macro lens and had a great time getting close to my subject. 

There were at least 20 photographers at this meet up. We took over the garden at the Mayflower House in Plymouth. It was really interesting to watch the techniques of others to get the close shot as well as see what they were using for equipment and props. I should have taken some behind the scenes images.

After the Meetup you upload your best 4-5 shots to the Meetup website. It’s great to see what others captured in the same spot. There were a couple of people who got some incredible close up shots of flowers with bugs on them. I stood in one spot for awhile waiting for the perfect shot of a bee or fly. This one came out pretty good but I really wish the fly was facing the other way.