Meet Up Challenge: It’s All In The Details

Last Wednesday, I went to a photography Meetup Group gathering in Plymouth. There were about 25 photographers and from all the comments people left on the group website everyone had a great time (I know I did). Below is the description that was posted under this Meetup:

“We’re going to focus on detail shooting. We are presenting a challenge….. everyone participating must shoot all photos at 50mm only. Bring your fixed focus 50 mm Lensbaby if you have one. We are also limiting the shooting to one aperture the entire time, an aperture of your choice. (These limitations are encouraged, you can do what you want in the end :-)”

I discovered it was much harder to shoot with only one focal length and one aperture setting. There were so many times I wanted to zoom into an image. If I tried getting closer with the 50mm lens then the shot was out of focus. So, it made it more challenging and really made you think about your shooting. I may challenge myself to do this more often.

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  1. shirley

    Sounds fun! I love both of these, especially the top one. Beautiful.

  2. ha! siblings. Though both are beautiful, I love the second shot. I wish I had any inkling of what you are talking about technology-wise. I think you and Mike would have so much to talk about–and if we lived up by you, he’d be joining you on all these shoots!

  3. That would be fun if you lived closer. I always enjoy having someone come along on my photography walks.

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