Great Accomplishment

It’s official…Josh is a high school graduate! We had a beautiful sunny day to sit outside and watch the graduation. It was so sunny a few family members got sunburned. But, thankfully temperature wise it wasn’t too hot. I started off with a sweater on but half way through I had to take it off. The ceremony itself was very nice. In the photos above you can see how happy Josh is to be graduating.

The bottom picture show Josh shaking hands with Principal Kelley. Until Saturday, I had no idea that Principal Kelley was the 2011 National Principal of the Year for Massachusetts. I was impressed by how much the students respected him and how much he truly respected them. In his speech he mentioned some very impressive statistics on how well the students at Silver Lake have done on the MCAS, as well as other achievements and that they had record high school spirit. It’s nice to know that my alma mater has improved and that my nephews have received such a well rounded education.

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  1. Nice pictures, Jamie
    Good job, Josh

  2. Jamie

    Thanks Mom. Nice to see you back online 🙂

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