Meet Maya Elizabeth

On Friday, Mom and I went to the animal shelter in Brockton to look at kittens and I came home with this little one. She was originally named Flopsy but I didn’t think that fit her. So after a couple days of thinking about it I decided on Maya. I had thought about May since that was the month I adopted her but it just didn’t seem right. Then I was looking at Buddhist words (I’ve been reading some books on Buddhism) and I saw the word Maya. The word has a couple of meanings, one being the name of the mother of Buddha. I also gave her my middle name as it has been passed down from my great grandmother, to her daughter, to my mother and to me. Since I didn’t have any children I’ll pass it down to my fur baby.

I was talking to my mom on the phone to tell her the name and she thought she knew someone with the name Maya. I said the same thing, that I might know a person who named their child the same. Five minutes later Mom called back to say that Dad said Maya, as in Maya Angelou? Funny, Maya Angelou didn’t even pop in my head when I was thinking about the name or even after naming her. You think it would have as she is famous and I had just seen her on Oprah. That’s another good person to share the name with 🙂

That’s Maya playing with her toys. She wasn’t sure about the blue circular toy that has a ball that rolls around it. The ball doesn’t come out you just swat at it and it goes around and around. It also has a scratch pad in the middle that she enjoys sitting on and has even used to scratch her paws. The fourth photo is her playing with a small plastic golf ball. She likes to chase it around and then hold onto it. The last photo is what happens after all that play time. A good nap and then we start all over again!

Happy Memorial Day and God Bless all the soldiers who have served and are still serving.

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  1. shirley

    She’s a love. So sweet, smart and beautiful!!

  2. Jamie

    Thank you. Wish you weren’t allergic to her 🙂

  3. Sandy

    Congratulations! I wish you both a long and lovely friendship. Cats are amazing and kittens are just completely entertaining even when they’re sleeping.

  4. Jamie

    Thanks Sandy. I’m sure we will have a long friendship and hopefully entertain each other :-)fffffff/grtttttt;;;;. (the last part was from Maya- she walked across the keyboard to type you a message)

  5. What a sweetie…and a very lucky girl! I think Maya suits her too.

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