My cousin was kind enough to invite me to the Red Sox game the weekend of Patriots’ Day. We had great seats but unfortunately not the greatest weather. It was about 40 degrees with a nice cool breeze! I enjoyed the game for 5 innings, then went inside to use the restroom and as soon as my body felt the warm air there was no way I was going back out to sit in the cold. The next day my brother was at the game and it was a nice 60 degrees! And, then on Patriots Day my nephew was at the game and it was again in the 60s. Oh well, I was lucky enough to go to a game and the Sox won all 3 games that weekend!

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  1. shirley

    Nice! (Sorry it was so cold though!)
    Aki thinks this series is not of the same pitch, I think it is, Teo is not sure (he thinks it is possible, but doesn’t know how you could achieve it, mechanically…)

  2. Jamie

    It is of the same pitch. My camera can take 5fps (frames per second) continuous shots.

  3. I think this is a wonderful group of sequential images, I have something similar of my brother hitting a baseball in one of his games, mine wasnt as good though because I was moving while taking the photos. I love that yours is from a single position and captures all the important movement that comes with throwing a baseball, you really did a great job!!!

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