Scituate Light with Full Moon

The moon didn’t quite rise where we thought it would. I was standing to the left of the lighthouse thinking the moon would rise in front of me but it actually rose much more to my left so that the lighthouse was not in the shot. After taking some shots from where I was I decided to pick up my gear and walk around to see if I could find a shot with the moon and lighthouse. After walking all the way around the lighthouse I finally found this spot (as did the other 10 photographers around me).

I pretty much left after taking this shot. Mostly, because I couldn’t feel my toes and my fingers were killing me from the cold but also because it was starting to get cloudy. It might have been nice to have stayed and seen how the moon looked as it got closer to the top of the lighthouse but I was done at this point.

I Googled to see if people had posted shots of the supermoon and the Scituate Lighthouse and found this one.  Pretty cool shot. The photo was taken the night before I took mine but you can see that there were a lot of photographers and people lined up at the lighthouse similar to when I was there.

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  1. Jamie, your lighthouse is a fine mysterious beacon. Sorry you didn’t get the shot you wanted. I don’t trust that the link you showed is is an authentic depiction of the moon although it is a really cool picture. If you look at the edges of the moon they are ragged. i think the moon was cut out from another shot, blown up and placed behind a layer of the people 🙂 Clever though aand a great picture.–April

  2. just amazing!!!!

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