Besides the beautiful weather and later sunset another nice thing about Florida in the winter is seeing vibrant colors in nature. We have had a very snowy winter in New England so it was especially nice to see some colors besides white and brown. These purple flowers grabbed my attention on one of our walks. The yellow flower is one that my Mom secretly snipped from in front of a business we walked by. It did brighten up the condo nicely.

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  1. Wow! Those purple flowers are amazing! My in-laws are avid gardeners and that is one of the best benefits of their move to FL from NH. Even when it gets nice in the northeast, I don’t think we get quite the dramatic colors as they do in the south.

  2. I know the flowers always look more vibrant to me in FL but I figured it’s because I go during the winter and all we see here is brown trees and snow. Maybe the flowers are just more colorful in FL.

  3. Lovely. I love both of those flowers. The purple ones are bougainvillea and the yellow one is a hibiscus, a quite pretty one. Oh how I love flowers.

  4. Thank you for the names of the flowers, Laurie. I’m really bad when it comes to names but I do enjoy looking at them.

  5. I’m very bad at names too. You just happen to hit on two of the flowers that I actually knew. I love flowers so much I’ve decided I need to start learning their names.

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