St. Augustine Lighthouse

I’ve mentioned before in a blog that I love the look of lighthouses. Probably because they are near the water and I love being near the ocean. In order to get a close up of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, you had to pay $10 to go through a gate that let you walk down to it. I was surprised you couldn’t view it for free and pay if you wanted to go up it. However, I wanted to get some photos so I was willing to pay. I wasn’t sure I would actually walk to the top as I’ve been having neck/head issues but physical therapy has been helping plus, it would probably be my only chance. Going up wasn’t so bad. They had various photos/plaques along the way so that you might stop and look at them and help pace yourself. Going down was tougher on the legs and when I got to the bottom they felt like jelly.  

Happy Valentines Day to all but most importantly…Happy 21st Birthday, to my nephew, Jared!!!

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  1. Nice shots. As you may be able to guess, I love the spiral shot 🙂
    21 years old…wow!

  2. Yes, I thought the spiral looked pretty cool.
    I know, it’s so hard to believe he’s 21! He’s such a wonderful young man…if I do say so myself 🙂

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