2011 Snowstorm

We ended 2010 with a blizzard and started 2011 with a blizzard. With this blizzard I got a snow day which is always fun. I stayed with Mom and Dad again to wait out the storm. I mentioned the generator was broken for the last storm (luckily we didn’t need it). For this storm we were lucky to have the generator fixed and working as we had to use it for a few hours. Although, we were lucky as we only lost power for a few hours others around us lost it for the entire day.

As you can see from the above photos it’s not always easy to get around the city after a big storm. Once you got around the snow pile and branches I liked the look of the snowy pathway.

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  1. Have snow shovel, will travel! Glad ya’ll weren’t without power for too long! It’s been a crazy winter so far…the Atlanta area is just now thawing out!

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