This Little Piggy…

is actually a magnet. The feet have magnets in them so you can wrap it around a gift or something. I think I bought this a couple years ago on our drive down to Florida. Somewhere in the South we stopped at a country store and I saw this magnet. I thought it was very cute and figured I’d put it on a baby shower gift but I never have…guess I was keeping it for the blog.

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  1. Happy new year! I got a monkey one of these as a gift this year. He’s hanging on the fridge. When he’s feeling naughty the hangs two limbs on the freezer and two on the fridge so we can’t get in!

  2. Happy New Year, Sandy! Funny you should mention the monkey…that’s tomorrow’s photo! I love your idea of hanging them on the fridge. I may need to do that.

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