You Looking At Me?

I had originally gone to Weir River Farm to take a photo of the barn. I followed the directions online to where I needed to park which was a spot on the other end of the field from the barn. I followed the path down the hill, through the woods and along the fence with the cows and horses to the back of the barn. Only problem, there was no way to enter through the fence to the front of the barn. Apparently, you have to enter the front from a different street. It was already too late with the sun starting to set but on my way back to the car I ran into one of the owners? workers? someone familiar with the farm, who told me that the barn was closed for the weekend. A movie called Sunny Side Up is being partially filmed at the farm. So, in a couple weeks I hope to go back and get a shot of the barn. But I did enjoy walking along the path and watching the cows. I’m not sure they enjoyed watching me as much but they were very interested in what I was doing with the camera.

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  1. We have those same cows up in Napa. We call them Oreos. Cute!

  2. Oreo, that’s funny! Now I can’t look at her without thinking of an Oreo.

  3. Your Oreo is actually a Belted Galloway.

  4. I’ll probably remember Oreo more than Belted Galloway. But, I can see that it could be a big white belt.

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