Dubble Bubble…

…I’m in Trouble! Usually reserved for softball season, these pieces of gum come in handy when I need a quick sugar fix. Yes, I’ll confess, “I am a sugar addict.” Apparently, I am not alone as there is a ton of information on the web about sugar addiction. I know I should cut it out of my diet but I don’t want to (okay I may be in denial)! With Halloween coming up it really doesn’t make it easy…there is literally candy everywhere!! Plus, I have baking in my blood (I said baking not bacon) which means with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner I’ll be making cookiespies and cinnamon kisses…and loving every bite!

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  1. If you want to cut back on your sugar I’ll be happy to take those cinnamon kisses off your hands. 😉

  2. I don’t think there’s sugar in the cinnamon kisses…just the sweetness of love 🙂
    I’ll make sure to save you some of them this year. I’ll probably be making pies in a couple of weeks.

  3. There’s sweetness in surrender 🙂

  4. This takes me back to kid days…fun!

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